Imported products

Just before the 1900s, Henry Ryst, supplied the great transatlantic liners leaving from Cherbourg, where he had his warehouse.

Much of the clientele of these ships were rich and very demanding with regards the quality of the products. From this period dates the first imports of major ports and whiskies that make our reputation today.

Every year, since now over 100 years, we go on site to Scotland and Portugal to select small productions of exceptional quality, which are then bottled locally under our brand. These products you can imagine, have nothing in common with mass produced alcohols...

J. W. Hart Ports

Located in Northeast Portugal, within the Douro River basin, the vineyards protected by the mountains also take advantage of the best amount of sun. They are also cultivated on terrace, with the soil being full of stones and rocks (access is thus difficult). Thanks to these difficulties, outstanding Port is born, maturing a minimum of 8 years in oak barrels and even then, only the best vintages are selected and imported. Each bottle carries the seal of the National Institute of Port Wines.